About us

About Ecominds Limited

Both small businesses and larger enterprises face several business challenges. One of these is to use solutions that are highly reliable, efficient and do not have high operational and maintenance costs. Businesses also have obligations to consciously choose solutions which have a low environmental impact both during the active lifetime of the product and when it comes to disposal. Our environmental footprint also keeps growing and businesses have a greater than ever responsibility to actively contribute to reducing it by the use of solutions that comply with the increasingly rigorous regulations and provide a greater level of efficiency. These criteria comprise part of the broader concept of green IT, which will become even more mandatory.

The aim of Ecominds is to assist businesses in making the right choice and building a greener infrastructure. We can help your business in identifying cost factors, suggesting and supplying you the right products and solutions to lower your operational costs and support you in developing your infrastructure.

Our consultancy services focus on helping you to discover all costs in your business and lowering these expenses alongside keeping or improving your overall system performance. We make thorough surveys to identify every aspect where you may lose out on money unnecessarily and work out new solutions to help you to utilise your resources more efficiently. Our case studies help you in having a clear vision on your costs and transforming your business.

We carefully selected a range of brands and products that have already proven, that we trust and have experienced their reliability. Benefit from our expertise and allow us to care for your infrastructure so you can purely focus on what matters you the most in your business.