APC by Schneider Electric

Business efficiency and continuity is based on data integrity and steady infrastructure. Any downtime can be critical, prevention starts with solidifying the electricity background by uninterruptible power supplies.
APC by Schneider Electric is on of the oldest manufacturer, providing solutions in every range and for every need, be it a home environment, small business or large enterprise. Their comprehensive portfolio and nearly 4 decades of experience in research, development and application makes APC one of the best choices available. Our range focuses on floor standing and rack-mountable UPSs, designed for network storage, server systems, desktop computers, printers and other network tools.


Fujitsu is one of the top 5 manufacturers of information technology system solutions. Their infrastructure products provide a solid foundation in SMB and enterprise environments alike. The products in focus at Ecominds are Fujitsu’s Primergy servers that are excellent backbones to business critical applications, being cost-efficient, highly reliable and well scalable, to serve growing needs. Fujitsu have prime technology alliances for server virtualization solutions, that Ecominds also advocate. These solutions further enhance the utilisation of resources and actively contribute to improved efficiency, which is a
cornerstone of the Green IT ethos.

USR (USRobotics)

For more than 40 years, USR has been a pioneer in developing and transforming communication products. The principle of embracing emerging technologies and converting them to easy-to-use products has been the mainstay of their activity. The products of USR have been known as synonyms for high reliability and performance. Today, USR creates solutions for almost all types of users and all applications; from individuals to telecommunication companies, from legacy devices to IoT equipment. Their highly reliable and durable products serve business critical applications such as securing payment transactions or providing crucial secondary connections, serving business continuity.


ZyXEL has been on the market for almost 30 years, providing long lifetime networking products for nearly all applications. Their business product portfolio ranges from switching, wireless and security. These solutions are the backbones of network stability and security. The ZyXEL firewalls provide protection against malware and threats, the switches serve as the solid and reliable elements of your network infrastructure. Their rugged but stylish product design is further supported by long warranty periods. ZyXEL is highly committed to sustainable development and ecodesign and also makes sure that their supply chain maintain ethical sourcing and respect human rights.